Each year when we went camping I would make a huge list of things to take with us. But this list for the Grand European Tour is the mother of all lists.

Sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels
Pistols preferably double barreled, pocketknife, and swords
Fork, spoon, and knife- eating utensils taken along for daily purposes
Soup, tea, salt, sugar chest, tea caddy, mustard, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, oatmeal, sago, and a box of spices and condiments- the food on the Grand Tour is very different from what one is used to at home, be prepared.
Plenty of medicine including powdered bay salt for the stomach and remedies against seasickness
Pocket door bolt, usually no key or lock exists on the doors in foreign countries
The Gentlemen’s Guide in his Tour through France, Letters From Italy (1792-1798), and The Grand Tour containing an exact Description of most of the Cities, Towns, and Remarkable Places of Europe, by Thomas Nugent- three popular guidebooks referred to often when traveling.
Book of Protestant Prayers and Hymns
Notebooks, Crayons, and pocket inkstand- to record experiences and activities
Lice proof attire
Linen overall to be worn over bed clothing
Broad brim hat
Passport holder with name, rank, and family name
Eye preservers
Waterproof buckskin breeches and at least a dozen strong shirts capable of withstanding horrendous treatment of the European washers, and any other clothing that you find appropriate. However, be sure to include at least one formal outfit.
Pocket sundial or watch
A tinder box to light a fire
Inflatable bath with bellows
Be sure to pack wisely!

What will you bring with you on the tour?


One response

3 06 2007

Modern tourist in Europe: 2sets of underwear, one set of running shoes, laptop, batteries, digital camera, jeans, sweatshirt, dry-as-a-bone, and two credit cards. Fran

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