Meet old traveller and new friend

27 11 2006

I hope to be excused if I am in the wrong place, which would not be new to me at all. I was doing research on Byzantium and discovered this blog. I have made the journey you propose several times. As a youth working on the Orient Express. As part of a Scientific American team on horseback from Wien to the Caspian Sea. And on foot to trace the march of Alexander from Thrace to Persia. Any advice may be dated and of small value, but I have some stories to tell that delight my students, though I am not believed for most part. Nice lady responded with invitation though only computer is at office of what you would call mayor, who is a cousin.

My responses may be slow and I am not used to talking with women not in person.

Most people in the mountain villages call me Duuran which simply means “one who fixes things” but with some spiritual overtones. Friends call me Trigor after the famous mountain under which I live in simple cabin. My family came to Carpathian Mountains after the great famine in 14th century. I have other names given by parents but for which I might be arrested, and others on several passports. Do not be afraid as the Internet protects you from what I know of too many governments and political problems. Today it is better to be a hermit than warrior. Also easier to travel the ancient roads by computer than limping foot. Now I tutor lazy kids and fix old clocks. I look forward to your adventure and new looking at things.



Welcome to the Grand Tour

21 11 2006

2006 ADVENTure Calendar

The 2006 Adventure Calendar is all about following the footprints of others and exploring the exotic Lemurian Cosmos, a fantasy cyber realm at Soul Food.

In earlier times ‘the idea of traveling to the ends of the globe, visiting unknown and exotic realms, was almost beyond imagining, and to the reading public, therefore, there was an irresistible lure in accounts of such travels’. The lure of travel writing and storytelling has not diminished and this project helps you to polish your craft and gain all the cultural benefits of such adventures.

To get the full benefit of this adventure calendar set up a travel journal for yourself and work simultaneously in it and online. Create an account with WordPress and establish two blogs for yourself. One is to record your adventures on the Lemurian Grand Tour and the other is to engage in an old style European Grand tour and follow the footsteps of the Orientalists.

This year the Grand Tour, Orientalist style activities will be in this left hand column and the right hand section will showcase the adventures of those who travelled in Lemuria during 2006.

While searching the web I happened upon a blogger recording a modern day Grand Tour. Thousands of people go on tours like this but now you can do it all from your keyboard and travel on the wings of imagination.

No one will come and tell you that you have done it all wrong. You can choose to simply read and not do any of the activities.

Each day, for twenty five days in December a new page will open on the calendar. So set up your sketchbooks, visual journals, notebooks and blogs and enjoy an unforgettable adventure!

Heather Blakey
Webmaster of the Soul Food Cafe.