5 12 2006

Yah, it is worst enemy,

and best friend.

‘far as I recall,

beginning with a tentative dip

of an index finger

through the quiet surface

of a large rain puddle.

A transforming event,

releasing all sorts of secrets

from this watery chalice.

I rode the droplets,

coalescing from milky clouds.

Then felt their impact,

crashed and splattered

cnto the earth.


Since then, this urge

is impossible to stifle.

I have inserted a finger

into all sorts

of rivers and streams.

None more strident tho,

than the sirens calling

to the great oceans of the world.

So it has been….

from pebbly Brighton beach,

to the sparkling sands of Bermuda,

a quest to unlock the secrets

of this universal sea.


Now I am helplessly poised

to undertake a grueling trek.

The mouth waters

of the great Mackenzie River

must somehow be surmounted,

that this finger be infused

by the ocean currents of the Artic.