Heather’s Art Stand

28 11 2006

Many artists set up stands on side walks in cities and towns around the world and offer portraits and other art work. We bought some particularly lovely drawings of Brugge from one such vendor and stopped to admire local art in Paris, Venice, Rome, Athens, Bergen, London and so many other places that we visited in 2001.

For the Grand Lemurian Tour and the Grand Tour it is my intention to focus on portraitures of the people I meet and the places I find them in. You will be able to view the whole collection in my Flickr file and many pieces will be available at the Soul Food Cafe Hermitage Cafe Press Store.

I make no claim to be a budding Picasso but my soul art will have some appeal to other travellers who pass me by and stop to have a portrait done. If folk send me a photograph and details of a setting I will oblige and do some ’street’ art.

Heather Blakey


Loretta Williams waits at Riversleigh, ready to set out with her guide. There are places to go, people to meet, things to be experienced. Loretta has a small travelling case that will store her all important art supplies.


Lucinda Hoatson is looking slightly stunned as she comes through Enchanteur’s Portal with her designer red suitcase.


Gloria Hall was a super model. On a whim she has thrown in a successful career and taken up Enchanteur’s offer to travel the world for years. Could prove interesting to see who she becomes.


Katie Camilerri has been waiting for this adventure all her life. She is an experienced arm chair traveller who plans to begin her Umbria, Italy.