Packing My Bags.

22 11 2006


Oh, packing! How I hate packing!
I never know what to take, especially in the way of clothes.

Firstly, I’ll be travelling far and wide, so I had best take my herbs, oils, potions and salves.

Glace Ginger pieces and Ginger Travel Sickness Tablets for any digestive troubles encountered. Nor must I forget Charcoal Tablets and Cloves.

I’ll take most of my oils. There many applications will certainly make my travels more relaxing and therapeutic.

My herbal soaps, creams, lotions must find a place in my bags, along with my potions, tinctures and salves.

Now thats the medicinal, therapeutic, relaxing and hygiene side of things taken care of.

A few basics for each season is what I now pack in the clothing department. I can always purchase anything else I need or want. Returning home with new clothing from some or all of my destinations will certainly get the fashion gossips tongues wagging.

My writing journal, letter writing set, sketching pad, pens, pencils and colours are a must!

My crystal jewelry and crystal must come along too.


Camelot Scribe.