Companions and Tutors

9 03 2007

Marcel Proust

Unbelievably, Marcel Proust has agreed to be our companion and tutor on our Grand Tour.  Why unbelievably?  Because, as everyone knows, Marcel is a sickly hypochondriac who rarely leaves his room except to eat at the Ritz or swan his way through a glittering social gathering.  Also, he claims to be writing the greatest novel of his time, but we all know how unlikely that is~ judging by the treacly pastiches he’s written for the local papers.  Be that as it may, he claims that only he, with his wide knowledge of art, architecture and aesthetics, can teach us what we need to know and show us the grandeur of the countries we will be visiting.  Of course this means that our luggage will increase exponentially, as Marcel brings nearly everything he owns on every trip he makes, plus he “cannot possibly” travel without his servant and companion, Celeste Albaret.  As you can see by the picture above, he will be wearing his military uniform; he says this will smooth our way through foreign countries whose inhabitants are in love with uniforms (i.e. Italy).  Personally, I believe what Marcel really means is “in love with men wearing uniforms”.  C’est la vie.  Next stop: Paris.




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