Packing for the Grand Tour

8 03 2007

What I learned from our three-week trip to Europe two years ago: Pack Light. My sister said to me, before we left, “Why are you packing clothes? You’re going to Paris! Buy them!!” It was good advice that we did not heed, and ended up dragging a monster suitcase plus other assorted bags all around Europe. We actually mailed some of stuff home (postage: 50 euros). So, having learned our lesson, we are packing light for the Grand Tour. In keeping with the raison d’être of the Grand Tourist (“…studious observer traveling through foreign lands reporting their findings on human nature for those less fortunate who stayed at home…”), our main items will be instruments of reportage: a solar-powered laptop, multiple digital cameras and video camera, film cameras, journals with blank pages to fill, pens, pencils, brushes, watercolors and drawing pads. Our solar-powered GPS system that links to the laptop, for showing (and knowing) exactly where we are. One of those tiny tape recorders and the little cassettes that go with them. Converters, adapters and battery chargers. A corkscrew. Swiss Army knife. Tins of smoked oysters and clams. Change of shoes. Soap.




One response

8 03 2007
Heather Blakey

I am laughing out loud Mari. You should have seen the luggage Darryl and I dragged around Europe. Never again! I will travel very lightly now. We left lots of things at a roadside bin in Italy and then left more for homeless under a bridge in Paris. We left folding chairs, a kettle, clothes and all sorts of things that simply would not have fitted in our bulging luggage to come home.

And in pre terrorism days Darryl always carried a swiss army knife and yards of ‘yellow rope’ for emergencies. When Greg was making a tribute for his father he made sure to include a small knife and a bit of yellow rope.

(Yellow rope is some strengthened product used for stringing in clothes lines)

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