Packing for Tour Day 1

3 03 2007


So the message has been surreptitiously slidden under the door of my attic room. “Pack and leave at once on the Grand Tour. You are given permission to travel this road alone, as all the Riversleigh residents will be with you in thought. Find the portal to your trip to the East of Riversleigh, and do so with haste, for it may close at any time. Keep all of us posted.”

I pull the green canvas pack from it’s strorage nook. It is special to me; it was given to me by my Grandfather as he lay on his bed dying. It is strong and versatile. It is supported by bamboo poles and can be used as a backpack with its straps or as a bag with handles. The straps, which once dug into my shoulders, have been heavily padded with bandanas and strips of cotton material. (Perhaps those items will come in handy.)

Now as to the actual packing, I must hurry before the portal closes. I throw in practical items (from my many years as a Girl Scout). I have no idea if I will need such things on my trip, but I pack a string and a fishing hook, a metal case holding matches, a small first aid kit, and a canteen of water. Next I pack my layer of clothing. A black leotard, exposing only my hands and my head. One never knows when one might need to sink into the background. I will pull on an extra pair of lightweight, but durable and warm, pants. I will need a tee-shirt for warm weather, a long sleeved shirt for cooler weather and my all purpose cape.

On the top level I will carefully pack my journal, colored pencils, pens; my camera although I am rather a photographic novice, but it may come in handy; and a bit of charcoal and my Conte pencils. That will provide me with a wide variety of media. And my tiny book of an inspirational nature.

Finally I pack on the very top, where they may easily be gotten, I pack courage, persistence, curiosity, good will and a spirit of adventure.

I set my very tame carrier pigeon, named rather originally Pigeon, on the top of the pack and I am ready to go. I will go down to the east veranda and say my good-byes.





3 responses

3 03 2007
Heather Blakey

I have gone quite goose bumpy Barbara. I am so thrilled that you have decided to undertake this adventure and I adore your description of the portals and your grandfather’s green pack. Bravo!

4 03 2007

Bravo, Barbara! I’m just setting out myself as well, perhaps we’ll meet up somewhere on the Grand Tour.

5 03 2007

Good for you! I love what you’ve packed – the leotard is very enterprising and the personal qualities, I’m sure they’ll see you through all kinds of adventures.

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