27 01 2007


Capricorn, my personal constellation

Latitude, longitude, declination, hour angle, zenith, horizon…

I sail internal seas, seeking course correction as necessary, looking to the stars, the sun, the moon, the horizon as I steer my vessel. [The geographic position—GP—is the location on the earth immediately underneath a heavenly body, e.g. the sun or a star. That is, the GP is the point where a line from the center of the body to the center of the earth intersects the surface of the earth.] My heart line runs true, through a sea of rippling, undulating grass straight to Vulcan, blowing his mighty breath on earth’s molten liquid core.

[Latitude: 38.971N, Longitude: -95.235W.] Intersecting grids that become curvilinear as they wrap themselves around our mother connect me with all other beings, all other spaces. I am the intersection of time, DNA, cellular knowledge, and imagination. My latitude streaks from pole to pole, ricocheting wildly between two magnetisms, art and science. My longitude is one of many Great Circles, within which I am held.

When I know my position—revealed in degrees, much like truth—I can calculate my azimuth. [The azimuth is the bearing from our position to the GP of the heavenly body.] The azimuth, my quantified relationship to the Heavenly Body, is closer or further from my true position depending on the day, the internal weather, and the inclination or declination of spirit that is present in this vessel. Heavenly Bodies may be static or in motion, leading, at times, to a profound sense of disorientation.

The horizon splits heaven from earth [or sea.] What is possible, what is real, is defined by the horizon. Our expanse can be limitless, carried in the trust that we will not sail off the edge [but over and beyond]; or we may be trapped in fear, imprisoned within the harsh impenetrable edge of our world.

Throw away your charts and books. [Navigating by stars and planets alone.] Make your measurements of stars and planets at dawn or dusk, when the light is balanced, and both the horizon and celestial objects are visible. In the moment of perfection, [light/ dark, yin/yang, male/female, joy/sorrow, birth/death] we see perfectly: our way clear, godspeed, sea smooth as glass.




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28 01 2007

I enjoyed reading this. I literally just walked in my front door after having visited our local observatory today. I am resonating to this at the moment.

28 01 2007

This is really interesting. I like Capricorn energy. I also love the stuff of observatories. Endlessly fascinating what is around and above us.

28 01 2007

From the unfathomable vastness of the universe to the microscopic beauty of a living cell, it is humbling to the soul and staggering to the mind.

28 01 2007

Thanks…I have been struggling with the grand tour theme, so have decided to use it as a very loose stepping off point for whatever seems to organically arise. Thinking of being on a boat brought this to me. My journey this time at Soul Food will be much more random and eclectic, I think, than my travels in Lemuria. But having adopted this approach, I feel more creativity flowing. So prepare for lots of tangential travel, and I will try to be better about commenting on the work of others. 🙂

29 01 2007
Heather Blakey

This is brilliant Karen. I am sure your example will inspire others who are not quite sure how to run with this concept. Diversity is something I always value – altered perspective is what I seek and this is just perfect. Standing ovation for you.

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