more of Traveller’s travel collages

7 01 2007

These are my latest creations for a private RR, the subject of this book is ‘travel’. The quotation above the question reads “all journeys lead to secret destinations of which the traveller is often unaware”.

Note: an RR (round robin) is an art exchange of some form – in this case each of the 5 participants has chosen a theme and has created the first couple of pages of what will eventually be a book. Each participant sends their completed pages to the next person on the list, who makes their contribution and then posts it on to the next participant, and so on until they return to their creator. If the participants wish the order can then be reversed and a second lot of pages created.




2 responses

8 01 2007

wow! These really caught my eye as I rolled through the posts in my friend surfer. Thanks for sharing.

2 03 2007

Secret destinations. How enticing! Our whole lives are made up of secret destinations, aren’t they? We never quite know where we’re going.

Barbara F.

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