3 01 2007


My plan is to take an oceangoing vessel into London and then proceed by train to Glastonbury,  immersing myself in Arthurian splendor.

From there, I shall cross the channel into France and go directly to Paris, where I shall seek out art and la vie boheme.

Traveling into Italy, I plan to seek out not only the fine museums and Vatican City, but also to find a woman of the countryside to teach me some authentic cookery skills and legends of the area.

Greece beckons next, and then on into the Eastern European countries, up through Romania into Poland, my ancestral home.

I shall wind my way through Germany and Belgium, returning to Britain for the summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

To my dear aunt I leave the travel details. Who knows what interesting side trips may occur?




3 responses

3 01 2007
Heather Blakey

I will be watching with a keen interest Karen. This sounds like the journey of a lifetime. Glastonbury is a perfect place to spend time while in England. Just gorgeous and not far from Bath.

3 01 2007

Yes, this itinerary sounds like it will be good reading when the posts come in.

3 01 2007

as you pass from Romania towards Poland you will be in the Shadow of Mt Triglav. Stop by the cabin, where it is possible to sort Silent Whispers into Songs and Murmurs — and find a balance …

I might even cook up an ancient Thracian dish with a dash of wine — this being where Zinfandel originated.


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