My guide and companion

1 01 2007


On this tour, my companion will be my dear Aunt Therese. A formidable woman, she spent time in a convent as a young woman, but shortly before taking her final vows, she experienced an awakening of her personal sense of power. The night before she was to take her vows, she dreamt of a white owl, which flew into her cloistered cell through the small window that was positioned so high, she could not see out. The owl landed on her chest, and she felt its great weight, as it peered into her eyes with its own large orbs. She stared, terrified, and it snapped its beak at her and uttered one word, in a tone full and low: “Freedom.” It flew away then, and dazed, she fell back into slumber. The next morning when she awoke at first dawn, she found a single feather on her breast. She packed her few things, left the convent, and has travelled the world, dedicating herself to a life of freedom and to helping others, especially women, children, and animals, to do the same. She will meet me at designated points along the journey.




4 responses

1 01 2007

The world is full of whispers
that may help us to make decisions;
songs that would carry us toward
the Face of Divinity —
and murmers which would draw us
to lie against the bosom of Source.

Some might say that she rejecting a calling —
methinks she heard something
more profound.

The Duuran

1 01 2007

What a beautiful and courageous woman.

2 01 2007

Interesting woman.

2 01 2007
Heather Blakey

Wow! You have my full attention Karen. Brilliant!

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