17 12 2006


One might answer the call to the mountain,

 or succumb to the waving of the sea;

 but now there’s a field to be tilled,

 and rocks have fallen from the aged wall, so that I can but listen to whispers –

all that will be kind and mentor to me. 

Somewhere between the stars and the sand

is a balance of nature and spirit –

 and I need not go hither if here I am,

 with hand to the work and heart to the need, with voices of ancients released from the earth,

and courage of stones and wisdom of trees. 

I have flowed down from the barren mountain

and been misted up from the birthing sea,

for I am of creation as much as they;

 but I can choose to nurture seeds of when, while they each can but be antipodes

of what my soul knows and whispers might sing. 

The Duuran




2 responses

17 12 2006

after 11 attempts to correct WordPress mangling of the lines, I have gone to dinner

18 12 2006

A wonderful piece.

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