Postcards from Barcelona

15 12 2006

Looking at Froglet’s link I was swept back in time to my very first visit to Spain in the 60s. I have wonderful memories of Barcelona. So while I am sitting in the shade of the almond tree, with a delicious glass of Carmelcita’s iced lemon tea, I went through my old photographs to share some of those memories with you. I was just sixteen, a glorious time to experience Spain.


This is my mother and I sitting outside a cafe in Barcelona.


The Plaza de Toros de Monumental at Barcelona is indeed monumental – you can fit a six pole circus tent inside it.


In one of the postcards you can see a huge hill behind Barcelona. This is a very young Gail on the top of this hill.




4 responses

15 12 2006

What a poignant and beautiful addition to the tour. I love how ideas spark ideas! I am struck by your sensible pumps in that lower picture – were they comfortable walking shoes? What an exquisite young girl you were. One day I hope to see what a fine woman you have grown into!

15 12 2006
Heather Blakey

Quite bewitching Gail. I really love these postcards from Barcelona and I must say you look very elegant and chic!

15 12 2006

Oh thanks for sharing, Gail! These photos transported me to such a lovely time and place. Wow…

17 12 2006

Yes, I like the look of these. This would have been a magical time there, and I loved those fashions.

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