14 12 2006

Niftiest discovery from my online travels: old postcards of Boulogne!

Other things I learned that I did not know before virtually visiting:

  • Boulogne is France’s biggest fishing port
  • The Boulogne Cathedral of Notre Dame has the second biggest dome in Europe (after Rome’s St Peter’s)
  • In about 633, when St. Omer was a bishop, legend has it that a mysterious boat carrying a luminous statue of the Virgin Mary appeared in the estuary of the river Liane at Boulogne – without oars, sails, or sailors! Townsfolk carried the statue to their church on the hill, and soon miracles were attributed to it. Later embellishments of the story had the boat pulled by a swan – which became the emblem of the town.



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14 12 2006

Thank you for posting this link where I was delighted to be able to visit old Luxembourg (where I currently reside)

14 12 2006

Wonderful postcards and imagery. I am thoroughly enjoying your trip and delighted with all that I am seeing and learning. I think one day I would enjoy travelling with you in person – until then – I do appreciate your travelling here.

14 12 2006

I enjoy reading/hearing these medieval legends. You wonder how much is true…….. And the postcard site is very interesting as well. Thanks. for posting this link.

14 12 2006

What a wonderful site! I love old postcards. Seeing the postcards from Barcelone reminded me of some things other travellers might like to see, so I’ll post them later.

15 12 2006
Heather Blakey

What a fabulous collection of old postcards Anissa. Makes my feet get all itchy. Lucky I can travel using my fingers eh!

15 12 2006

I’m still learning how to “virtually” travel, so thanks for all the feedback! It certainly has advantages and disadvantages, like anything else. 🙂

A *real* Grand Tour….now wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to share together?

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