A Balance of Dreams

14 12 2006

How much of this is ‘remembering’, and how much a piecing together of bits and snatches of ancient stories and poorly translated poems I cannot say.  To lie near the Cabin allows thinsg to ‘flow through’ — and that is enough!





There is a world small yet containeth all

twixt the mountain pale stark and lake so dark.

From each can be seen a universe

whether one soothes out or seeks within.


To three mountain peaks you can enjoin

a pristine climb from when or then or now;

yet each gives a view so much the same

of earth and mind and heart and wonder.


Of the cold sea you may also seek

to learn of self and spirit and myths

in timeless waves, or calm reflection –

or a pebble dropped to change it all.


The choosing is not ‘tween White or Black,

nor even call of drifting  high or low,

but of looking at what lies between

and finding simple peace with what you know.


Here are plains where wars were fought for naught ,

and ancient tribes met for exchange and blend

of impassioned blood and willing trade

of old and new such as children made.


To the South are the fonts of learning

of old  
Greece and
Egypt and Arabie.

From the East comes silk and mystery

and the horseman of terrible eyes.


From North flows the Skandie thunder

and legends of ice and soft blackened furs,

to add cold and warmth to the creep

of religious zeal from the pretentious West.


and the Celts rested here, and Gypsies too,

and the Romans and Huns and Rus ‘tis true,;

 fain seeds which flower o’er trampled grass

that the future is found in what has passed.






One response

14 12 2006

and the horseman of terrible eyes…

Such brilliant imagery, fills the mind with sweeping scenes.

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