MYTH – 3

12 12 2006

At a time before place, in a cave before time, Boh the Creator folded the darkness and nurtured it, and a tiny spark of light became an Egg.  This seed of life was tossed into the darkness where it formed stars and planets, and other objects and secrets not given to understanding.  As nothing created is ever undone, Boh needed a place to hide the Egg, and selected a haven we now call Earth, and placed the Egg beneath a mountain.


This planet already had many forms of animals, birds and fish, but only one was able to dream of Boh in their sleep and remembered their creation.  So he called them forth and divided the world’s lands and seas amongst them according to their cries and wishes.  But seven of these men, filled with pride and importance, quarreled and complained of each assignment, until Boh became weary of their attempts to subvert the joy of all the peoples.  At the end of the giving Boh discovered that one tribe had remained silent, claiming nothing, asking for nothing.  The only land left was the place where they all stood, at the base of the mountain of the hidden Egg.  Because it was the valley of the people’s joy it was of that and called, ‘most beautiful’; and Boh pressed a finger into the rocks at the valley’s end and filled it with laughing tears, and it is called ‘Bohinj’ which means ‘gift of God’.


The seven cried foul and felt they were more deserving of these treasures – and they stomped about and crushed part of the valley into bare rock and caverns.  For this Boh banished them from the Earth, though their memory still lives in every man’s heart, such was the force of Boh’s decision.   As the seven ran away they each left a footprint as memory of their greed – seven lakes within the ruined land – each of a different color and without life.


Then Boh, in his wisdom, decided to guard the simple people and the Egg from these seven beasts and all others of pride and covetedness.  So he crafted a mighty chamois with golden horns to walk the barren slopes; and to distract those who would come, directed three virgins to act as companions and remind the Zlatorog of its duty.  But man became lazy and forgetful, and forgot the Egg and the gifts of Boh, and men lusted for the graceful goat with the golden horns.  A hunter bribed his friends to offer the maidens fruits and delicacies and distract them with music and praise; and he followed the Zlatorog and struck it with an arrow unto dying.


The buck struggled to the mountain top from which its blood flowed out to carve many ravines and sharp peaks to the north.  It tossed its horns into the mirror lake below than no man could have them and their magic – and watched as the three virgins change to stone for their treachery.  Yet, with his parting breath he placed them on the mountain top and stripped off all trees and grass that they might rest alone, and with a single tear formed the first Edelweiss as the only flower that would grow in their memory.  And man knew of the power and magic of the place though not why, for they had forgotten the Egg, and came to worship the strange mountain instead of the source of its creation – naming it the ‘three headed god’ – Triglav – and it is said that all who climb and talk to the virgins can see beyond – and remember something of creation.


The Duuran




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