11 12 2006

Understanding of karst topography began with the ‘Kras’, the stretch of earth running from the base of Mt. Triglav to the Adriatic Sea; starting with the ‘Sea of Stones’ and gristing to incredible beach sand by forces unseen:  “a three-dimensional landscape shaped by the dissolution of a soluble layer or layers of bedrock … resulting in caverns, waterfalls and weirdly shaped formations … forged by underground streams, wind and glacial creap.”

 Given the spiritual and mythological trace of both Mount Trigor and the ‘Valley of Whispers’, I would ask that you extend these images to metaphysical form and power. We see a person approaching, a crone perhaps; visage etched by daring to care in a world seeking only ‘whom to blame’, form bent by carrying other people’s crosses, fingers crippled from crafting art from heartless stone!  What then of her soul – slowly gristing to dust? or more alive than can be imagined?  “a multi-dimentional person shaped by the dis-illusion of vulnerable layers of being or core principles and standards … resulting in memory loss, tears and unpopular opinions … forged by the flow of passion, ancient whispers and the bigotry of frozen minds.” So, I will sit within the Kras and listen to eternity –and walk beside the crone to learn of its meaning –and be one with hidden waters,the Silent Breeze,relentless entropy —  and somewhere twixt stone and sand,find out who I am. 

 The Duuran……………. 




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