Takin’ me on a journey – an’ me an’ me an’ me.

10 12 2006

Where’m I goin’ to go that would require a full suitcase made of leather wid a handle at the top an’ wheels so I can push it? De-sign-er luggage – don’ think I’ll buy me any of that nonsense, no siree, don’ know me any famous designers so their luggage just goin’ t’ ‘av t’ sit there on them shelves collectin’ dust  – or bein’ wiped on account of them famous designers not likin’ dust on their fancy leather. Don’ want t’ take big, heavy cases an’ drag ’em all roun’ Europe – or even the whole wide world. Ain’t thought too much where this tour begin an’ end an’ I don’ wanna read me where you may be settin’ out them rules and regs. – wan’ me t’ be foot loose n’ fancy free – I take my chances on survivin’ with or without a mess of travel irons an’ linen han’kerchiefs. I’m thinkin’ bes’ thing I can do is travel light, live on jus’ my wit, imagination n’ perhaps a little thievin’. Am also thinkin’ jus’ might not be me on this long, long journey roun’ where ever I up n’ decide to take mysel’ – nex’ time I writes a thing there has t’be a chance I be someone entirely diffren’ – who’s to know? So…. what’s I packin’?

I’s takin’ me a carpet bag, a battered, old, rugged carpet bag. No need t’ worry when it gets thrown about, no screamin’ angry if it takes a kick or two or some clumsy fancy dan spills brown roast coffee an’ red wine all over it. I likes me weathered things – they’s had a life. Soooo… I’s takin’ my ol’ poncho for the cold an’ a straw hat for the sun: I’s takin’ me a silver flask fo’ water n’ sometime whiskey: I’s takin’ me a heap o’ nuts, dried fruit, a sharp knife an’ one book that surely be as ol’ as me – I’s hopin’ on them long days I larns t’read. Now wouldn’ that be somethin’ I’s be proud t’ tell when I gets back? Why tha’  ol’ carpet bag will maybe’s be chock full o’ words when I next sees them folk al’ known t’ me… an’ me… an’ me…..





5 responses

10 12 2006
Heather Blakey

I would give you a big warm bear hug if I were nearby Jan. I love your post and am thrilled to see you journeying. The voice here is purrrfect.

10 12 2006

‘I likes me weathered things – they’s had a life.’

Thank you Heather, I’d give you a big bear hug back. I’m very – happy – to have written that line – it’s how I feel.

11 12 2006

Just delighful —
your words and the thought
you might have settled in a bit,
from being weathered long.


11 12 2006

I wish ponchos would come back in fashion…good reading.

13 12 2006

this must have taken you ages to write – congratulations – it’s a lovely voice

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