I am a Tentmaker

9 12 2006

When friends come I offer them tea with mint- the traditional drink of hospitality which one of my sons runs and gets for me, I ask the visitors to sit on my bench where I sit to work and we talk, and we look at the work and maybe I sell a piece. It can take days even weeks to make one piece , each piece is cut by hand and then sewn by hand, the more intricate the design the more the sewing. See more of my work at Travels Between Caravanserai




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9 12 2006

Fabulous photograph thank you for sharing… I could sit and drink tea and listen to him tell me stories… I hope he has some to share…

9 12 2006
Heather Blakey

These photographs are just extraordinary, transporting us to his workplace. Wonderful Djanne! An utter delight!

9 12 2006

and each pattern represents an ancient story, and a brass plate with special designs can be layed upon them such that letters are defined. Some say these words form a prayer to Allah — others that the phrase “more than seven” (notice the eight pointed stars) is to ward off evil. Either way, remember the ‘seven beasts’ of Chemmis — and know that in such a tent you can go to where you have never been before.

The Duuran

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