7 12 2006

The stones are great
And magic power they have
Men that are sick
Fare to that stone
And they wash that stone
And with that water bathe away their sickness
-Layamon 1200

I’m on my way to visit this place of ancient stones on the plain of Salisbury. Stonehenge dates from 3100-2300 B.C.
I’m curious, I’m excited. What vibes will I get? Will something tell me that this is a place of ritual, of Druid magic, of scientists who studied the movement of the planets and stars?
The effort, the energy that went into constructing this place is beyond my conception. I’m one light shining in the world. How many lights combined to move and place these stones?
I know that I will stand in awe trying to commune with the ancients and feel the emotion, be it scientific, religious, psychological, of this experience.





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8 12 2006

Early sketch of Stonehenge found


“They got the date wrong by some 3,000 years, but the oldest detailed drawing of Stonehenge, apparently based on first hand observation, has turned up in a 15th century manuscript.

The little sketch is a bird’s eye view of the stones, and shows the great trilithons, the biggest stones in the monument, each made of two pillars capped with a third stone lintel, which stand in a horseshoe in the centre of the circle. Only three are now standing, but the drawing, found in Douai, northern France, suggests that in the 15th century four of the original five survived…”

I found this on – which is worth a look at th ebest of times- look for the December 1 post and there is an image there as well.


8 12 2006

It is fairly easy to construct a ‘Wood Henge’ in any garden,
and was popular in England a century ago. The one at Sakin’el is of Cherry logs — and strangers stop by and ask if they can be married there.


Stand firm in form and ancient call
yet unique to the Silent Breeze;
Set in mind by Lady Emrys,
planned and mapped by faucon,
forged from the Heart of Haven,
raised by friends of Sakin’el.
See by sunset a Henge of Wood.
In circle of grass, bush and tree;
Sit a while — dream with me.

8 12 2006

I would love to see this image – where exactly did you post it, please?

8 12 2006

On some Blogger sites earlier — I will add some to my ‘faucon@Wordpress’ blog under “Sakin’el”,

though I now realize you wish HER picture of Stonehenge — sorry

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