Myth – 2

7 12 2006

I would take you back,

or forward depending on Trebusca view,

to and ‘embracement’ of Chemmis –

a Chaldean myth by attribution,

foundation of early Egyptian religion,

the ‘floating isle’ where Horus and Antaios

were split into being divinely human,

and being humanly divine …

That of this came Alchemy and Chemistry,

the making of science from things unknown,

the latter revered in our ‘Practical’ Zone,

while the former chastised-condemned,

because it also dealt with the soul.

consider this –

         CHEMMIS                (based on a mythological trace) 

In a time so ancient that mighty

 was but a cave beside two streams,

the Chaldaeans sang in whispered shadows

of seven beasts that bound our destiny.

Their names are ever lost to chaos grasp,  

                 but not voices that speak in thunder and fire;

for this fragile world was divided into dominions of awesome power,

with man but a pawn in faintest shadow  

                 of what might have been, had he been bold.  Yet the small space where power did sit                     was overlooked in the frenzied claim.This lonely island of tranquil blessing  

                     was set adrift, lost to the demon’s clutch.

It is often seen by sleepy children,    

                   yet never discovered in ready search.

Priests of Mother Nile named it Chemmis,  

                     calculating its path by the stars,

and many desired to travel there,  

                 called by pulse of the yearning heart. 

It is not a part of heaven or earth,                   but a place that has escaped our pain.It courses not across the clouded sky,  

                 nor beneath mysterious churning seas.

You will not find it by map or chart,  

                 or secret chant or powdered spell.

Chemmis travels betwixt the mind and will   

                in myriad dreams and lover’s hope.I

t has no power but defeats them all,     

               for I have no limits when I am there.……………………………………………………….. 

these ‘seven beasts’ became the ‘seven deadly sins’ and more,for many cultures has a ‘memory’ of the seven –and it could be said that Chemmisis any place where we escape from their clutches –

at least in meditation or reflection. 

What if you could go to place

where all of the universe complexity

could be seen in order;

and one could at least hold in balance

the ‘seven beasts’ of human nature? 

What of that drifting island

became ensnared in the talons

of a mountain? 

  the Duuran




One response

7 12 2006

Ahh Yes- what if we could?
It’s a thought to hang onto for now.

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