Bulloo Downs

6 12 2006


Being a Lord and accustomed to the high life, Lord Mongomery and I decided to go to Bulloo Downs.

Sidney Kidman was one of Australia’s biggest property owners. He bought land in the Channel country, the region where the floodplains of the Cooper, the Georgina and the Diamentina Rivers provide a rich base for superb green pasture.

Legend has it that Kidman left his home in Adelaide in the late 1800s on a one-eyed horse named Cyclops. At his peak Kidman and Co had purchased 150 stations.

Monster and I have decided that we might just draw inspiration from the bushmen and women, and the animals they work with. We plan to follow the Kidman Way on up to Queensland where my great grandfather was a surveyor and stand where he stood and talked of Lemuria.

But for now the King of the Cattlemen has prepared a feast for our Lord Montgomery and I plan to tuck in as well.

Heather Blakey




4 responses

6 12 2006

this is a trek I will follow closely — my Great-great grandfather came from Australia, one of the first graduates of Queens College — but I don’t know what land-part exactly.


6 12 2006


6 12 2006

I’m so excited to see Australia through Monty’s eyes.

8 12 2006

What a feast and what a journey!

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