Of Tegsh and All

5 12 2006



I pause a bit in place and time – neither Trigor not The Duuran, or simple man-self at all; and ponder on the give and take – the ‘faire trade’ of this market place of Tour Grand.  I read the postings of you who travel here, ands those who stayed away; amused by some of the information you present, bemused my the confusion often born of child-like excitement, and pre-lamentive of wisdom’s sorrow – that each of you will get from your journey more than you expect, and less than you hope (or the other way around).  For you should know the “Duuran” is also part of an ancient process of divination.


In the 13th century words of Eskiyalı of Györ,


 “you might be right or you might be wrong – why I should care is the question.”


Your adventure quest in either Lemuria or imagined
Europe is nothing compared with the journey of your soul – by which I mean the place where mind and heart and spirit and earth must blend, and is only as religious as you choose to make it.  To avoid confusion (or churning of belief) I will call this ‘seat of being’ “tegsh” borrowed from Mongolian Shamanism (the beginning) – an ever-sought balance ‘tween spirit and humanity’.


So the question remains, “why should you care?” to listen to the weaving of information, believing and knowledge that Trigor offers in the ‘Sea of Stones’?  If you consider the braiding of myths to unfold as a exotic dancer  — swirling in light and shadow while removing one veil at a time, then you might also be in a

Cave, or Bavarian Ratskeller or Italian Shrine – they are the same.  For I know that you may not have come for the dance at all, but for the heady drink to escape from turgid memories, or to seek the music that is both magick and prayer, or to catch the eye of that tall gentleman in the corner, or …


I will use the sacred mountain of Trigor as a Tegsh of sorts in palpable form – a balance point on which to spin your dreams or teeter in some gyrations between who you are and who you are perceived to be – yet it could be any place – any person – any sense of awe encountered on your Journey that can serve as well.


As you stare at a magnificent structure of old
Europe – say the Louvre de Paris – do you see a museum of fine art and craft past which to march at blinding speed soas to say you did?  Do you marvel at the dedication and commanded faith the built the palace as an amusement of vanity?  Did you allow time to watch the families picnic in the park outside – a ritual of stern supervision and guiless play and delicious ‘glace’?  Do you close your eyes and reach out and in to why the City of
Lights was build here instead of there – of whether the Earth claims the City or the City an homage to the Earth?


The gift (or curse) that The Duuran gives you is discordance of joy!  Each slice of life so easily defined in physical terms is always a choice of Tegsh – touched by tunes of four melodies – mind, heart, spirit and earth.  As a writer, artist, teacher, parent or child, your duty is the same – to see something of awe and wonder and retell it in some simple ways that others might understand.


I have tricked you my friends – by taking you on a Journey to the Sea of Stones, I am able to be a stow-a-way on your Tour, to see the world through your special glasses, to see into shadow lit by your candle, to allow my spirit to drift beneath your wings – should you choose to use these items in your pouch.




aye, but the waning embers need tending and the morning fire rebuilt, and the dawn to be harkened as a line of divine light marches up the many faces of  Mt. Trigor.  This day has come – let us sing!


The Duuran




2 responses

5 12 2006

Wonderful – and I love this:

“you might be right or you might be wrong – why I should care is the question.”


5 12 2006

Ooo! Discordance of Joy! Just what I always wanted!

*thank you*

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