I’m packing…

5 12 2006

From the vast expanse of my prairie world lying cold and dormant under a sun which has slid far south. Shortened days give way to lengthened nights where people huddle indoors in heated rooms or beside hearths filled with flames. Wrapped in a quilt, I prepare for my journey.

In my traveling case I will put

a favorite hairbrush for the strokes that begin and end each day with the calming movement of hand and arm drawn over long tresses
a flannel nightgown
silk shirts and woolen pants and skirts
a hat
books, journal, a favorite pen
tea of many kinds: green for health; chamomile, mint, lemon, cinnamon spice for soothing companionship that suits time and mood
bits of fabric, trims, thread, needle, scissors to create a reflection of sights and insights

I’m sure I’ll think of more items as I mull this and plot my travel itinerary.





4 responses

5 12 2006

your words take be back to very early age, when my grandmother would brush her hair — always kept up in a bun during the day — down to her knees when she thought to be alone, or I was asleep.


5 12 2006

I’m struck by how calm and organized you are! I’m always frazzled before a big trip, which is not as fun. 🙂 You’re off to a lovely start and you’ve only just packed your bags…

6 12 2006
Heather Blakey

what a start Prairie Muse. So pleased that we have you up and operational now darling. And you sound so prepared.

13 12 2006

I too felt a sense of peace and certainty about your path as I read this. The details attached to the items you are bringing created a sense of aniticpation, but none of the rushing and craziness.

Lovely! I am anxious to hear more.

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