Day One – what’s a girl to pack?

5 12 2006

My Main Bag

Not just any bag will do – but a Doctor’s bag. Though, to be honest, it didn’t belong to a doctor, but a policeman. My great-grandfather, who was an agressive, abrupt R.C.M.P officer in the Prairies during most of the 20th century. He had entirely too much ego. But I should not speak ill of the dead.

On to better things. What’s a girl to pack?

1) pencils and a sketchbook.
2) a leather bound notebook, with ink and pen.
3) tea – ye Gods yes, must have tea. Early Grey, green, peppermint.
4) a very big hat, beige.
5) several books on GnosticismNotebook
6) salt, sugar and spices.
7) clothing – a decent dress, some (gasp!) pants, blouses, sweaters, socks, stockings, a very warm coat, leather gloves, etc.
8) my blessed camera
9) sunglasses and sunscreen
10) a little ginger tincture for motion sickness
11) vitamins
12) a travel pillow, and travel towel
13) a mosquito net (“if you don’t believe in the power of one individual, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito”)
14) passport and money
15) Swiss Army knife (with cork screw, of course)
16) compass and pocketwatch
17) waterbottle and travel cutlery
18) personal padlock (combination style)
19) cotton hankies
20) make-up and facial/toiletry needs
21) my Tarot cards

Beige bagNow, luggage labels were suggested. While I certainly love the look of them, and do collect them, for fun, I rarely use them – and never on my prized “hand-me-down” luggage from my great-grandparents. I will include some of these fun labels soon. I have stamps too.

Oh, and you must see this quaint “box” for my toiletries – to think, my great-grandmother used this for her many journeys…
I’m almost ready to head out. I must include a photo though, of what I have to face once I leave my front door. Brr! Must I really battle through this unexpected barrage of snow and ice just to make it out of the city?
snowy yard

until day 2,
the already weary WiccanGal




4 responses

5 12 2006
Heather Blakey

That doctor’s bag is to die for Wiccan Gal. What a lucky person you are to have inherited such wonderful luggage. I am green with envy really.

5 12 2006

I too am salivating at the doctor’s bag – oh the stories it holds – and perhaps it will reveal a few of them on the journey…

5 12 2006

How tasty! My eyes feasted on all the pix accompanying the text. Excellent!

6 12 2006

A great list and pics.

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