Day Three – Froglet’s Itinerary

4 12 2006

I have an open-ended cyber ticket, so I will not assign dates to my itinerary, but I plan to visit the following cities in order, with possible unforeseen side trips thrown in:

Dover, Calais, Paris, Geneva, Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples, Innsbruck, Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Potsdam, Munich, Holland and Flanders.

For now I will ponder the significance of leaving the most secure fortress on the British Isles for the open waters and uncertain future on the Continent.

 (for details, plus tidbits about Dover, visit




4 responses

4 12 2006

You wrote:
open waters and uncertain future on the Continent…

I adore uncertainty – especially when others are going through it first!

4 12 2006

As Mt Trigor is only 15 miles from both the Italian and Austrian borders, its three claws may grab you — at least to ask, ‘why the cities?’ There is also life in the forests and valleys, and other realms of knowledge as well.

The Duuran

4 12 2006

Why the cities indeed? Especially when I’m a bonafide lover of nature. I can only plead ignorance of the wilder treasures of Europe. I’ll be sure to seek the green within and without the classic destinations I’ve chosen to itemize in my list. Thanks for the reminder! Also, I’m visiting Mr Trigor daily already, thanks to a certain Duuran…

Soulwright — if you think I’m going into uncertainty first, well….the waters look cold, and you seem distracted, so…

*pushes Soulwright off the boat for a brief swim in the salty sea, then jumps in to join the fun*

5 12 2006

So that is why I felt that sudden jolt of energy!

Thanks! I needed that. I love the way I am buoyant in salt water. After reading Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams I know that one day I will bathe in the Great Salt Lake of Utah.

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