Sea of Stones – 3

2 12 2006


There are those who would pretend that history started with the written word – that because someone wrote their opinion down it gains a higher order of truth.  Certainly, if a number of people read a story, or book or historical account and it resonates with their spirit, and they draw close because of it – this then is a truth worth noting, be it education, politics, religion or cuisine.   The same is true of stories told instead of writ, of traditions bound in ritual and memories called ‘tribal knowledge’ – this is to say, of information and knowledge that comes from realms other than shopping malls or sitcoms.  I, Trigor, would place more value on the mumblings of a crone by a forest fire than and evangelist on TV, though the latter thumps a book as proof, while the crone looks into the eyes of my soul.

This land in which I live is now politically called
Slovenia, and any history book will give a different accounting of the why and wherefore – justifiably as every war since the dawning has changed the name and boundaries of this place.  All accounting hold some truth, yet none account for what came before the written words – so the only fallacy would be to place ‘believing’ and action on any of these recordings alone.  This is possibly true also of the land you call home – and of the beliefs you hold sacred.  What are the myths behind the stories and revered books and taught reasoned thought?  I would entreat that you listen to your heart and spirit with equal measure.

The myths and related truths of my land through which you might wander are ‘more true’ than yours – a joke of course – yet I will tell you of several myths which braid with those of other lands and cultures in a unique way – and let you decide.  This is the way of the Duuran.

Trigor (Triglav) is a sacred mountain.  I share with you a view of the world from its crest at sunset.  The stories will follow. For now – listen to the ancient stirrings of your soul.



Sunset from Trigor




4 responses

2 12 2006

You speak much wisdom, Trigor (or Duuran?). I find your mountain domain enthralling indeed and look forward to hearing the truths you’ve found, by the fire and beyond.

~ Ru

2 12 2006

Breathing in, I know I am a mountain.
Breathing out, I am solid as a mountain.

Simply lovely.

3 12 2006

fabulous meditation…

4 12 2006

Oh that image! How magnificent, how terrifying – a terrible beauty…

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