30 11 2006

I am Shoukri. I am Nubian and my people come from a long time ago, from a time when the great river was young and when the kings were just beginning to think. I am a captain- I sail the Nile on a felucca and my brother Jimmy also sails a felucca. Feluccas are the traditional boats of the Nile- with large sails and flat decks to transport people and things.Feluccas have been like this since the beginning. We carry people on my felucca – westerners who come, lily white, on board to sail from Aswan to Luxor and experience the great Nile and its temples. We sail the boat downriver . We also cook for the westerners, our traditional food with lashings of chillie and garlic. We even find them beer and brandy, though the brandy is more like lighter fluid than brandy.

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3 responses

1 12 2006

Fascinating reading.

4 12 2006

It is indeed – my grand tour will take me along the Nile.

5 12 2006

I dream of travelling there – thank you for taking that trip and sharing it – I can remember in grade school fantasizing about “The Cradle of Civilization” and the “Fertile Crescent.” I loved the idea of the floods washing away and bringing in – a cleansing and restoration both.

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