Traveller packs

29 11 2006

The time has come. I must commit to packing my bag and setting off on my travels again. Ever keen to procrastinate I put off even making a packing list until the end, with the inevitable results – I forget to pack the most important things because I forget to look at the list. How can I be so stupid? I do it time and time again, yet never seem to learn from my mistakes. I make lists of things I am supposed to do and don’t look at the list. I write down appointments and forget to look in my diary. If I find nothing else on this new trip, maybe I will find something to assist my appalling memory.

But first, the list:

my trusty digital camera with which to record the sights and sounds, (if only I knew how to use the recording thingummy whatsit on the camera so that I could record the occasional mini-video), that I am sure to encounter on my travels

my journal in which to record my experiences

a large ziplock bag in which to collect ephemera and found objects (if my clutter fairy attempts to accompany me on this trip I will be needing a Gladstone bag not a ziplock bag)

an everlasting pen, pencil and eraser

watercolour paints would be nice but might be too heavy

paper to paint or sketch on

my winged boots (courtesy of Hermès – get it? the messenger god with the winged shoes?)

my special lightweight all purpose travelling cloak

After a visit to Ahmed, the oriental carpet seller, I am now in possession of a fine oriental/ist carpet. Ahmed has very obligingly made it into a sort of carpet bag for me which can be taken apart to turn into a sleeping mat and – as Enchanteur whispered in my ear – is also a magic carpet and may be used to transport me to another place in the event of necessity or speed being a requisite.




4 responses

29 11 2006

A magic carpet! A most excellent choice of conveyance.

29 11 2006
Heather Blakey

Whoooo! A touch of last year’s caravanserai when we took off on magic carpets. Like you I will have innovative means of transportation.

1 12 2006

Love the magic carpet!

1 12 2006

I love the magic carpet too!

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