The Myth Begins

29 11 2006

Much is made of the Grand-Tour as a journey from here to there, from parts familiar to halls of mystery, a quest to gather artifacts of value.  For the shallow of spirit this was true centuries ago when the world was limited by ease of travel and silver coins.  Today it is also true, when language is limited to Spellcheck magic and value is set by PayPal fantasy.  Yet, all of you are of the artist’s soul, and thereby may learn more by expecting less.  Herein I may be a guide of sorts, if you listen with heart instead of reason.


Any journey worth taking is from far without to close within, and you need take only staff and pouch and scroll – which I will describe along the way.  That which seems familiar must be challenged and that which is a mystery must be accepted as a source of truth.  Knowledge is the only item of value to be brought home – while beliefs will become as valueless as desert sand.  Aye, my friends – the rich will come home as paupers, while those who find joy in simple things will live in a palace of dreams…


or so it is told in the legends of The Sea of Stones –


why you must learn of the Zlatorog and Chemmis and Trebusca


why Trigor is called The Duuran




One response

29 11 2006
Heather Blakey

It is as it has been told. Those who find joy in simplicity live a rich life indeed.

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