Sea of Stones – 1

29 11 2006

If you have planned a leisurely tour of museums and bargain shops, then stay far away from the shadow of Mount Trigor where every knight bent on Crusade glory stumbled, and Hemingway said ‘Farewell to Arms’, and a dozen cultures braided their myths – and people forgot what they are …


We walk together then on a journey from mind’s dilutions to divinunity through a quagmire of doubt and confusion called ‘the soul’!  Yet each of us must also stride alone, as what you choose to take from your pouch, and what to add is not a choice ‘by you’, but ‘of you’.  Oh, I may be able to point out a slippery rock or two, and you may be able to steady my shaky leap across a chasm of folly; but our greatest shared gift is to hold one end of a silver thread so that we can find our way back from the caverns of lost. 

Transylvania is but a dash to the north, and the indolent beaches of azure slumber an easy stroll south – so keep your balance, or at least whistle in the glomming that I might find you.

Sorry – I am speaking to you as if I were a Gusari of medieval times, when a tour guide had to be a warrior and shaman and midwife of dreams.  That legacy is in my blood, as is that of princes buried in kurgans nearby, and of storytellers who still carry the embers of creation; but I am but a seeker just as thee.  The only difference is that I remember more – at least that is what the elders believe – those who would call be Duuran.  Forget this!  Lesson one is that believing has NO VALUE!  I do not wish that you believe in anything I might share.  Just accept that there is much that I KNOW – and that these can serve as kernels of information upon which you might also re-member.  If you can accept that believing is but a transitory step between a mystery and knowledge then your soul might find some peace.  I could tell you that every problem of this world comes from people accepting believing as knowing, but that is just an opinion.


Instead, I will ask a question.  All cultures have a shared mythos in which some basic entity proclaimed, “Let there be Light,” or some equivalent command to attention.  As Trigor I choose to call this ‘cause of being’ “SOURCE”; and within the limits of reason ‘Source’ embraces all that is. 

 The question is,


“Where was/is Source when this command was given?”






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29 11 2006

“Where was/is Source when this command was given?” A good question for philosophers and theologians which I’m sure would take a long time and lots of bytes to talk about, and ultimately would end up in a lot of rancor and division. So, at the risk of being “shallow of spirit”, I going to take it “easy” and float the four winds with my really cool tour guide, Dr. Von Saxonburg. 🙂


29 11 2006
Heather Blakey

We would all be utterly distracted if we tried to answer your questions Trigor but I have no doubt that your words willl capture the imagination of many and have people contemplating and mediating upon the source.

29 11 2006

Dear me – people will think that I prompted you for these critical responses, which cut quickly to my central point. If such a question is viewed as one about ‘religion’, based on beliefs — then there may be eternal argument and strife (as in the world today). If, however, it is viewed as a metaphysical question focusing on ‘what you know’, then no argument need result. Believing is always accepting another as a witness as a substitutute for knowledge — in other words, an opinion. The validity (if any) falls not on the argument, but the credibility of the witness. The secret to gaining wisdom is to prepare yourself as a witness — and in this a Gusari can help.


30 11 2006

Trigor, there are some things for which a combination of internal and external witness IS the only way to through which to have belief. To illustrate this, the best example IS religion or philosophy– whether it is Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, or Socrates, the only way for a person to KNOW if what that figure said is “true” IS through external witness of the community tempered by the conscience of the individuals of that community (the internal witness). I could claim a truth based on “what I know” and within a relativistic worldview one would say that would be just fine. However, in my opinion that is the same as walking on shifting sand– no balance and a hard fall is likely. I think most of the problems of the world come from folks who claim THEY know it all, that they have the inside track. In my opinion, the consensus of a community made up of people of conscience is the best witness of all– a balance of both internal and external witness.

I hope I’m not boring everyone with my pontifications. I am going to have fun now and play tourist. 🙂


1 12 2006

a tour guide had to be a warrior and shaman and midwife of dreams…

l think the best tour guides still are warriors and shamans and midwives of dreams… You have the makings of one of those tour guides!

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