Travels Between Caravanserai

28 11 2006

The light filtered through the skylight of my shed/studio, the glow was warm and I was feeling dreamy, drifting amongst half forgotten things. On the table lay a pomegranate and I picked it up- full of wonder for this fruit that speaks of ancient times, of rituals of the earth ,of Demeter and Persephone and of mysteries that call to me.

As I hold the fruit in my hand, feel its bumps and undulations, I am transported back to the North Wall of Cairo- a small withered woman sitting with a basket filled with glorious pomegrantes- my nose filled with the acrid dust of centuries, a cat despondently watching me as i walk towards the fruit. Across the road the Mezuerrin is calling the prayer hour in the mosque- gone the voices of individual mezeurin of days gone by, instead a mechanical tape blaring from a speaker from the top of the minaret . For a moment- a brief moment in a city bustling with nineteen million souls time stops- for prayer, for contemplation .celestes-trip-068.jpg

I follow the footsteps of many travellers to Cairo- Champollion who deciphered hieroglyphics and opened the worlds eyes to the treasures and riches of a culture unique and brilliant, by recognising that the coptic language , a living language was the key to understanding the hieroglyphs.




4 responses

29 11 2006
Heather Blakey

Wow Djanne! What an alluring post – filled with all the charms of the Middle East. You have me captivated.

29 11 2006

Dyanne: Your pictures are beautiful, and I love all the “arty” stuff on your desk.

1 12 2006

Fascinating reading, great pics and link.

1 12 2006

I too love the look of the desk in the studio – artistic, creative, and inviting!

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