A Duuran Choice

28 11 2006

I would have you consider, each by each, the import of the ‘Grand-tour’ mystique

in the spirit of more ancient times – yet, perhaps more relevant today than when;

for it was known that a man must settle mind and spirit of churning youth

into responsibilities of position and state – often not of their own choosing.


Life was short by standards of today, but the levels of stress and anxiety less.

In but a couple of years or months or even bookish dream,

life decisions had to be made that might never be changed unto death.

Each of you now, regardless of age or position, has a chance at rebirth –

to choose an alter-ego, to walk a different path – to look closely in a crystal mirror.


Within the confines or freedom of this Journey you may speak with a different voice –

may in fact find it necessary – not from deceit or ploy,

but that friends here secure and true may see the world from another view –

and so it is that I now speak as Trigor –


one of the most serious things I have ever done!


‘papa’, by calling, chance and angel kiss is Master of Sakin’el –

driven to create a haven for the weary of heart and forgetful

of innocence and simple joys of heart and hand in toil.

I have written close to a hundred stories and poems about the creation of this Haven to which you all might come some day – but for that I can bring it alive in writings..


‘faucon’ is a title rather than a name – a gifting of a painful level of empathy and humility that allows many spiritual things to ‘flow through me’.  For this I pay a price, both physically and emotionally, as is often evident in the tears on my pages.  As ‘faucon’ I am like a conduit through which sad, tragic and evil energy can be transformed into awe and wonder. – hopefully shared in a simple way to touch one of you.  In these last five years I have written more than 1000 pieces, most of which you will never see.


Occasionally you have also seen glimpses of ‘The Gusari’ – one who is embroiled with Currents of ancient mists – not reincarnation or channeling, but glimpses of truths beyond my understanding.  I have attempted to write of these in stories set in medieval times for a ‘protection of distance’.  More directly, I finally wrote Phinominal Propengicks which gives answers but lacks many of the supporting questions.  Heather has asked that I attempt to speak more in this ‘Gusari’ voice.  And being asked, I shall.


However, as a simple, fumbling human named Ken I often get these roles confused,

at least attempting to separate voices according to blog ‘flavor’.  There may be other facets to me that are still unknown – it is not a game or psychosis – such is the incredible crucible of my life – and yours if you so allow.  I ask your indulgence.


I cannot speak to you of things known to a Gusari in the voice of either papa , Ken or faucon without risking whatever source of joy or whimsy they might bring .to you.  Write to Emmie if you must understand more.  As papa I am mate and friend, as faucon I am her Guardian – as a Gusari I am none of these, yet all of them and more.


So, it is up to all of you here on this Journey.  I can ask that you stand on the shoulders of Trigor and see a different world, or a jumbled mixture of papa and faucon – you cannot have both on this Journey.  I beg that you visit papa at Riversleigh and faucon at the Abbey and let Trigor be ‘the Duuran’ for a trembling bit of time.  The truth of it is that you may not like some of what Trigor reveals, and I do not want you to like papa less for it – I have ego enough for that!  Yet, if Trigor can bring but one touch of eternity to you – then this I must do.


Trigor (The Duuran)




2 responses

28 11 2006

Well then Trigor it is! And a hundred thousand welcomes to you!! We shall not presume to know who you are, but await the uncloaking of your presence in the unfolding of time and eternity.

1 12 2006

This seems a fitting persona to explore – I am reading backwards and Ken – I fell in love with Duuran and didn’t suspect that papa, faucon, and Ken were his travelling companions 🙂 Brilliant!

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