Packing Cases

26 11 2006

Guide Book

Luggage for the Grand Tour with the Viscount has been packed with subdued anticipation. There are maps, binoculars, paints, papers, small canvas, pen and ink, jangling coins in a leather pouch, small guidebooks, and suitable clothing. Seasickness pills, lotions and potions, grooming requisites and bottled water fill our leather satchels and cases. Great works of art and architecture fill our minds, treasures of the orient, great urns and vases of antiquity with tales to tell. The breeze blows around the cool winds of the Southampton docks, and the travellers gather, expectant of warmer climes.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)




6 responses

26 11 2006
Heather Blakey

Magnificent Monika. What an extraordinary cover. And leaving from Southampton – just magic! You and the Viscount will love Italy.

26 11 2006

do pack me in your suitcase, I would love to visit Rome.

26 11 2006

You are both in the luggage. Where could I go without you? All roads lead to Rome, huh.

26 11 2006

Monika, this is a superb description and fits in so perfectly with your Viscount’s name and image!! Oh take me with you too, please!!

27 11 2006

Edith, you are packed as well;-D

1 12 2006

I have never been to Italy… Will you be sampling fine wines, cheese, and olive oils? Do tell about the food please!

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