Enchanteur Ready to Go

26 11 2006


Enchanteur is in control, at the harbour, ready to set out on the Grand Tour. She has bags of dream seeds to be loaded on the boats and plenty of helpers. This is going to be quite an adventure and it may be years before she returns. Who will be her companion and guide? Rumour hath it that there is a titled Lord who will travel with her? Lord Montgomery no less! How Enchanteur has become involved with a Lord is unclear but she does have an extensive network and is ever an opportunist. Perhaps this Lord has something to teach her.




4 responses

26 11 2006

may gentle winds fill your sails. Travel safely

26 11 2006

Viva! Heather. Impressive companion, a titled Lord, and you are certain of an adventure. I love the image, it conjures up all kinds of stories.

26 11 2006

I wonder if the Lord knows anything of the wherabouts of Lady Caroline who was last seen boarding a pirate ship?

1 12 2006

I am sure that Lord Montgomery will have so much to show you. What a wise choice for a traveling companion. I love enchanteur’s bare feet and that sash/belt…. yikes! she is a woman who knows who she is!

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