Getting Started

25 11 2006

The best place to start a journey is from one’s home. My home is adjacent to an oil refinery. It’s not much to look at in the day but at night it sparkles and twinkles like something from a fairy tale. It’s all in how you perceive it.


Image: Lori Gloyd (c) 2006





3 responses

25 11 2006

I like this image, Lori.

26 11 2006

Yes, cities and towns and even villages such as where I live are always magical at night. Greystones is set at the edge of a hillside beside the sea and appears to have just drifted off the pages of a fairytale book when you come upon it having passed over the summit of the hill.

1 12 2006

I lived in La Mirada for some time as a wee one – and my mother and her friend used to load us all into the big chevy station wagon and we would go for drives. I remember being fascinated by the cracking towers as the flames lit the night sky. Thanks for the memories!

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