2006 AdventURE

About the 2006 Calendar

The 2006 Adventure Calendar is all about following the footprints of others and exploring the exotic Lemurian Cosmos, a fantasy cyber realm at Soul Food. The Advent Calendar tracks the path taken by travellers who explored Lemuria during 2005 and 2006.

Pages are sequential and so, to fully appreciate this fantasy realm, you really need to start at Day 1 and move through day by day.

This year the secondary tour is a Grand, Orientalist style tour. Activities for this Grand Tour will appear in the left hand column and the right hand section will showcase the adventures of those who travelled in Lemuria during 2006.

In earlier times ‘the idea of traveling to the ends of the globe, visiting unknown and exotic realms, was almost beyond imagining, and to the reading public, therefore, there was an irresistible lure in accounts of such travels’. The lure of travel writing and storytelling has not diminished and this project helps you to polish your craft and gain all the cultural benefits of such adventures.

To get the full benefit of this adventure calendar set up a travel journal for yourself and work simultaneously in it and online.

To assist travellers Carol Abel has provided a potted account of her journey in 2005. Carol also provides instructions to help establish a visual journal. Her pages are full of wonderful creative inspiration.

Ready to Participate?

1. Read each page and let the articles and sample stories from Lemurian Travellers stir your imagination. Check the associated blogs and have a good look at how participants have worked here at Soul Food.

2. Follow the writing directives provided, or write in any way the resource materials may lead you.

3. If you wish to participate create an account with WordPress and set up two blogs. One is to record your Grand Tour and the other to record the Grand Lemurian Tour.

To participate on the formal, Soul Food, Grand Tour blog you need to have an account with WordPress and write to heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net with an expression of interest. She will sign you in.

4. After you have been signed in to the blog you will be invited to join a Yahoo Group called Trekking Lemuria. This group is filled with experienced trekkers who will help guide you along the lanes and pathways and will field any of your questions. Once you are a member of this group you only have to send a request to join other Lemurian blogs and one of the moderators will sign you in.

5. Feel free to discuss your work with each other on the Trekking Lemuria Yahoogroup or as comments on the blog.

6. Feel free to work at your own pace, making your own rules.


The Calendar, the Grand Tour blog and all associated blogs will remain online and members of the Soul Food Community will be able to access them at any time.


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